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Lead Generation to Engage

Grow Your Business to Its Full Potential 

Let’s get the right prospects into your funnel and prioritize the leads you want to focus on.

The best strategy to upgrade your pipeline is to come up with a way to reach your customers when (and where) they are ready to buy.

Content Syndication – Build or prioritize your targeted account list with our exclusive audience to build a complete profile of who to target, and then we’ll place your content in front of a group that is interested in your business or services. 

Account Based Marketing Ads – Activate your account-based marketing strategy with accurate, contact-level targeted display ads using our first-party data. With our fixed pricing model, you can easily plan and budget for any size campaign. 

We’re not done after these tactics are implemented. We’ll also provide you with a list of opt-in leads that have: 

  • Engaged with your content 
  • Requested a copy of your content
  • Fit your exact targeting filters 
  • Have accurate and complete data 


It is time to stop buying reused leads only to compete against other businesses for those leads. Our leads are exclusive to your company, so you don’t have to fight over the price or lose deals to your competitors along the way. We are not like other companies that resell leads to the same company in the same space. You can trust that all of the leads provided to you are exclusive and unique.


Our data shows that using or reselling leads diminishes the trust and value of the lead for each business. This in return reduces the results clients can receive. Which also can harm your overall funnel flow and ecosystem.


Based on the YouTube/Google/Meta tactics used, we use captivating techniques to generate potential prospects for leads. We pre-qualify any prospect that comes through our sequence until we use our data to kickstart your campaign. We disqualify timewasters and tire-kickers if they are not qualified for certain requirements.


As the successful leads meet our requirements, they are then encouraged to get quotes of the services offered or visit your online site to purchase services or goods. This automation means that instead of following unqualified, discarded leads, you can spend your time with trained and motivated buyers.

Better Than Getting Leads On Your Own

Instead of spending up to $10,000 on a program that promises to teach you how to generate leads online by yourself, we can help you at a lower cost, while you focus on your business. This gives you an added advantage of saving time and not having to learn the complex world of marketing, online psychology, and buying behaviors. We operate on a flat-fee model which essentially removes the financial motivation that a lead generation company typically has to resell and recycle leads.

What are you waiting for? Are you tired of spending tons of money on companies that continue to give you leads that do not yield to anything?

Contact us today to skyrocket your sales with Pure Sol Media marketing strategies! 

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